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Outreach Projects

Kids, Hospital and Nursing Home quilts

Most of our efforts go into producing quilts for kids in crisis sitations, as well as nursing homes and some hospital units.

Some quilts are stored in pillow cases. Here is the Pillow Case pattern (with french seams)

Chemo Caps

Weo create soft hats for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. As a Guild, we make the Fleece Cap Pattern. Past patterns are also included below for variety if you would like to participate. These caps are donated to the American Cancer Society.

Fleece Cap Pattern
Fancy Turban Pattern Page 1 and 2
MaryLu's Turban Pattern

Preemie Quilts and Knit Caps

We make very small quilts for preemie babies.

Knit Preemie Cap Patterns

-- Pattern 1 page 1 and page 2
-- Pattern 2 - notes for Pattern 2
-- Pattern 3
-- Pattern 4
-- Pattern 5 (double-pointed needles)